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Fraction Simplification

Simplifying fractions is an essential skill for every math student in the fifth grade or higher. Students need continued practice with simplification in order to successfully add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Play this game again and again and work towards mastering this important concept! What You Need: Deck of playing cards (Download here)

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Fraction Board Game

Even though I am not a math person this is a great idea for a review Activities: Fraction Board Game

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torisora: our equivalent exchange i just finished full metal alchemist brotherhood for the second time and im a bucket of tears that was more emotional the second time and idgi nothing can beat fmab in my book wow (´;ω;`) will purge my feelings thru fanart

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FMA fanart by on @DeviantArt

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For an anime, this is incredibly thoughtful. Which is exactly why FMA is my favourite anime of all time. The number one.

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Third Grade Cut & Paste Math Activities

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Prepared by: Mrs. A. Dizon with the help of Mr. E. Jimenez Some helpful Anchor cha...

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It took me like five seconds to see this was Roy and Elysia and now I am crying. That moment in FMA has seriously haunted me to this day. When someone asked me about the show I say 'it is one of my favorite shows of all time but my heart has holes in it from the emotional beating it got.'

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