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This is the Edward i love. <3 no sparkles :D (unless you count armstong as a sparkle.... tehe. :) )

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So our character of the week is Edward Elric (A.K.A: Ed) from Fullmetal Alchemist! I've started watching the show on Netflix and it's pretty darn cool! Look it up sometime! It's rated PG-14 so talk to your parents first kids!

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fullmetal alchemist Edward Elrich (reminds me of Deidara with the hair and the smile/smirk yes I have a crush on Deidara get off my back!)

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transmutation circle by ~Lepas on deviantART Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist (the fact that I about jabbed my finger through the screen to rejoin this as soon as I saw it says a lot about my level of nerd..... >.>)

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I have been busy with watching classic animes (; ----------------------- Future confirmed conventions: Acen, Otafest, Fanime(ArtistAlley#307), Akon, AX ❤Thank you for your comments an...

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