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10 Fun Girl Games, Crafts and Activities - Ways to keep girls busy and having fun. Boys will love these too!

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20 Waiting Games For Kids That Will Tickle Your Brain

A list of easy and fun brain tickling waiting games for kids. Play these while in line, on road trips, in restaurants, doctor's offices, etc.

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37 Games that need no props, plus more if you have a ball, plus more if you have an Uno deck. Print for your 72 hour kit.

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This is a great idea round-up | wedding lawn games


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Nerf Gun Game: Army Guy Shootout

Turn a cardboard box into an army guy shooting gallery for Nerf guns! Plastic army guys are a great target to shoot. They’re fun to knock over, and the price is definitely right! In general, we prefer to use Nerf targets that are not people. Shooting army guys doesn’t bother me though – maybe because …

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Nerf Target Prize Game

Nerf Target Prize Game - Hide prizes in the cups, and kids get one when the shoot through the paper! Fun party game.

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How to play Speed! The funnest, giddiest fast card game ever. Pretty easy, too.

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