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Fun Loving

Border Collie - extremely affectionate, active and fun loving dogs. Intelligent and trainable. Considered as most obedient among all dog breeds

Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More.  This is brilliant.  By Carol Tuttle found on
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Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More

Parenting // Discipline Less + Understand More. This is brilliant. By Carol Tuttle found on

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Fun-Loving Light Pink Skater Dress

This outfit is perfect. LOVE this pale pink skater dress.

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Halloween decorations kids can make

Halloween decorations kids can make! Easy, fun, and CUTE decorations that kids…

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50+ Awesome Fall Activities for Toddlers

You've got to see these 50+ Awesome Fall Activities for Toddlers! So many great ideas in three categories: arts & crafts, sensory play and random Fall fun; toddlers and preschoolers will love these quick and easy fall activities


Adorable Hot Cocoa Christmas Cookies made with marshmallows. Looks just like a tiny cup of hot chocolate. Perfect Holiday treat for a school party or Christmas party. Kids will love this no bake fun food idea.

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What Cute Baby Animal Are You?

Puppy! What Cute Baby Animal Are You? Aww! You are a puppy. Everyone loves puppies and you are no exception to the rule. You are fun loving and have an irresistible charm that is hard to ignore. You leave a passion for food, wear your heart on your sleeve and it's hard for you to tell a fib. If you hurt someone's feelings , you feel really awful about it. Overall your motto is work hard, play harder. Is that about right?

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Dogscaping: Creating the Ultimate Dog-Friendly Landscape

Let’s face it - dogs dig; they roll around in the mulch; they dart through the flower beds and potty on the petunias. That said, although the picture-perfect, magazine cover-worthy backyard might not be possible, with a bit of creativity, a little landscape planning, and a lot of compromise, you can easily create a beautiful and functional backyard you’ll both love!


Ooh here is a super cute idea, and the best thing, it includes a FREE PRINTABLE - so nice and easy for you to make. Just take a look at this adorable Rudolph Lolly Pop Treat? Isn't he fun?

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One Syllable Names: Short Baby Names with Solid Charm

But isn't arrogant , carry a chip on her shoulder or piss and moan about everything but act like its everybody else who's negative. A simple happy confident intelligent passionate sexy sensual fun loving woman, with whom you share a chemistry with that makes no situation, place or wall safe lol, who always has ur back and cusses like a sailor when she gets mad or really frustrated which is rare , but it's a sight to see and hear lol when she does, just make sure its not because of you Is…