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Function generator circuit

SWBK designed the integral yet compact home electornic, OXY. It carries the function of air humnifier and oxygen generator. When its assembled as one piece, its integral, but once its disassembled, the sub body turns into personal oxygen generator. For more information:

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{fc: baekhyun // byun baekhyun // bacon // baekkie // baekhyunnie // tHE REASON WHY I CANT FUNCTION} [nickname : vici] Heyyo. The names Berlin, David Berlin. I'm in the espionage unit here and im eighteen. Well, i like to read and swim. And eat. I really like to eat. So anyways, come say hi, i don't bite. Often

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PicBerry is both a Digital Oscilloscope and Function Generator created using a Raspberry Pi. It is great for learning how electrical waveforms work.

Life Skills Problem Solving: Vocational

$ This life skills pack for middle/high school students features 24 task cards and 2 worksheets (generating alternate solutions/multiple choice) to target functional worksite problem solving skills.

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What's My Rule? Robot for math in and out boxes! Learn how to make your own!

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