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A little taster of some recent nymphs to be added to the box. Simple in design, they sport a Tungsten bead from Funky Fly Tying . ~Dav...


Some great buzzers tied with Funky Fly Tying Material, available from


If you're crazy enough to use two ties, alternating layers can produce a dramatic result.


Sunburst Blob Funky Fly Tying Fritz - winter fishing for trout Hooks: Fulling Mill Com Bead: Funky Fly Tying Coloured Beads Thread: Yellow UTC Thread Body: Funky Bonded Blob Fritz max 5 turns


NWT Crochet adjustable Tie back Boho Funky ChevronBoutique

NWT Crochet adjustable Tie back Boho Funky Chevron New with tags. Adjustable- Ties in back for loose top or tight. Yellow, Blue, Green, White & black colors Flying Tomato Tops Tank Tops