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I did a project like this at school, and mine was like the butterfly elephant one

I did a project like this at school, and mine was like the butterfly elephant one

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The World Map With Place Names Changed To Their Original Meanings…
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Supernatural Collective Nouns

=-O Seriously, Supernatural not just entertainment - you also learn things... hello? James Lipton's "An Exaltation of Larks" anyone? What? I'm also a word nerd. Sue me.

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Not as bad as accidentally creating a Final Fantasy stripper AU featuring Pimp!Sephiroth called Daddy-Roth and Stripper/Prostitute!Cloud known as Busternut... I was responsible for those names...

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I just found this on Tumblr~ Your fantasy villain title made by apollonui ~ Mine is The Savage Vampire Of The East! What's yours?

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ME DURING THAT WHOLE SCENE<<<<< I actually very calm and nice until he texted her and git mad at Sherlock that's when I said nope

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// veni vidi amavi //

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The Fantasy Name Generator: Naming characters in a fantasy world can be challenging. Give this a try.

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The fact that these are the same rules I use when interacting with large crowds of men worries me<<<this

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Okay but this was actually me right after I watched the premiere

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Fantasy writer problems.... Yes and you cant look up the name meaning because you made up the name

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GavinHey, whats your biggest fantasy? | To be kissed durring pouring rain. | Whats your's? | To be the one your kissing in the rain.

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Looks like you need some peace!

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

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What's your unicorn name?! Mine is Gilded Aurora. Use the first initial of your first and middle name to find out! Made by Megan Osterhus, 06/27/14 Please share your unicorn name below!

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Rogue One Funnies

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SIMBA THE BRAVE MERMAID But it was going so well...

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ROFL... come on, it could be worse. Everyone loves Alistair!

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Ninja Name Generator

Pirates Vs Ninjas,Ninja Name,Name Generator,Menu,Names

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