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She won't have any power if she does become president. She will be a "second class citizen" in the eyes of the muslim population, and she will be controlled, so nothing she says in public matters. Puppet Pinnochio.


Sassy Unicorn Flavored Cake

uh.... yes this is a rainbow cake with a unicorn on top and my motto in frosting.... yes I want it


Please understand. This isn't goodbye. This is 'I can't stand you, stay the fuck away from me.'


"No relationship is really a relationship, it is only a relating, a process. As long as it goes, good, and when paths divert, change their course, that too is perfectly good because that’s how, perhaps, your being is going to grow. One never knows. We may walk together for a few feet, a few miles, and then depart in gratitude – that it was a joy to be together. Now let us celebrate separation." ~ Osho

from zulily

'Caught Sleeping' Box Sign

This rustic wooden box sign is a clever addition to any décor scheme. Crafted from sturdy wood, it displays a humorous message sure to inspire laughter.