So many fun ideas for games you can play with just paper and a pencil. These will be great for our next party!

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This looks too funny. Would have to have multiple hose for the tennis balls though. All those heads in one stocking - ugh!!

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My family used to play this fun family night game when I was a kid. So funny! The Flour Game is the perfect game idea to play indoors, outdoors, for family reunions, or at whatever party.

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Candy cane relay is a funny game for birthday party and kids love playing this game. You can play this game in your ladies kitty party or couple kitty party too.

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If we could get mala-chi to let us do this with tha youth this life would be complete!

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This was a hilarious game to watch a bunch of 5 y/o play. Momsters: A Pajama Party for your Little One - Top Picks

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I want funny games : ) kitchen theme bridal shower game. see who can put stockings on the fastest while wearing oven mitts: MAYBE A RELAY RACE WITH THESE FUNNY GAMES @Casey Harvey

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