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This funny math cartoon from Off the Number Line questions why we consider improper fractions a negative thing.

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Parallel lines have so much in common... it's a shame they'll never meet. Haha! Ok, I guess I am a nerd! :P

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Math humor. This was pretty funny and if you need help with counting money, head to 8LineSupply where we have a number of different coin an dmoney county solutions:

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Community Post: 20 Spectacularly Nerdy Math Jokes

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Funny Minion pictures with quotes (07:40:11 PM, Tuesday 17, November 2015 PST) – 10 pics

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25 Geeky Math Jokes To Celebrate Pi Day

Clearly the limit of this humor is ∞. Add your face to X and divide by these jokes, and it equals laughs! Solve for X. And don't forget to celebrate every year! Because Pi Day is infinite.

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Love In Mathematical Language

Inspiration for another math-themed tattoo. Would want it to be more general/accurate by making the "o" the unit circle, removing the 2 from the "v", and simply dividing the abs(sin(y)) by x for the "e". The numbers aren't really necessary

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