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Funny meme - Youre tall enough they said.... -

Funny memes you have to agree with

When you go to pet a dog and it growls at you: | 21 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

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This is the kind of stuff thats funny at 1am.

This is so cute reminds me of a book I read and it also reminds me of Broadway

Funny memes that are so true!!!! The “Shower’s Too Hot” Pose:

Being invisble to guys is no fun...Attract guys like a super charged electromagnet mwari81.guymagnet...

This is totally something @Vickie Cox would have done! This makes me laugh...

Hahahahahahahahaha replace pastor with bishop hahahaha this is sooo true.

31 Dogs Who Were In The Right Place At The Right Time Captions are irrelevant & take away from the images which are outstanding for the most part.

12 Funny Photos That Is Hard Not To Agree With - NoWayGirl

Don't talk to me I'm clocked out!!! Haha funny stuff Jessica!

And, if you were still small enough, being carried from wherever you'd passed out to bed. | 26 Childhood Moments That Always Made Your Day

This kid, who’s had enough with this paranormal crap. | 18 Kids Who Are Way Too Sassy For Their Own Good

I laughed waaaaay too hard at this one!

Dogs are like little not smart people who you're actually able to tolerate. I dig them.

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