superbowl xlix: the deflategate

Super Bowl XLIX Memes: See The Best Jokes From The New England Patriots Thrilling Victory Over the Seahawks

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American actors Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin in the TV series 'Batman', circa

lol Montana

because "Deflategate" alone could provide hundreds of thousands of football memes, so flip through some of our favorite NFL memes, including the obligatory Patriots shots.

steelers hater:The steelers suck !!!!! me:Who won the most super bowls? steelershater:........ me:My point exactully.

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The Broncos' overtime victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots proved inspirational to the folks at NFL Memes.

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Our Favorite Packers-Seahawks Memes -- The Seattle Seahawks own the Green Bay Packers no more! Here are our favorite post-game Packers-Seahawks memes. Congratulations on being Seattle.