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I never understood the people that stressed out about other people’s problems. I’m not saying you can’t care about someone that’s going through some tough times. I’m t…

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Nerd Out On 25 Funny Pictures

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NORWICH MAMAS!! Anyone up for an impromptu mama lunch date tomorrow? I've broken my phone and need to go and cry at the geniuses and hope that someone can fix it. It would be super nice to turn a tedious task of travelling with a toddler into a nice lunch date where the kids can run wild and we can drink all the wine (because if you can't partake in day drinking when you're having a bad week when can you?). I've tagged a couple of mamas I know are Norwichians (that's a word right?) but my…

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Interesting facts. But like what if your head feels like it's imploding or it's beaten into a rock, what does it mean then?

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