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Furman University Jobs

Tara Hughes is a native of Winston Salem, moved to Charlotte in 2005 after graduating from Furman University. “I love to workout and it is a privilege to teach clients this one of a kind method. We are so lucky to have Liz and Clary in Charlotte working hard every day to keep the method challenging, evolving and motivating” When she’s not in the studio Tara spends a lot of time at NASCAR tracks around the country with her job at HB&M Sports, a Charlotte based sports marketing agency.

Why graduates lack the skill they need most. Graduating students enter the Paladin stadium before U.S. President George W. Bush watches them during the commencement ceremony at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina May 31, 2008.

Downtown Greenville

Watson was arrested twice in high school and did poorly in school in Greenville, SC, but managed to get into Furman University, SC, at age 16. He was described as quiet, lazy and insubordinate as a student but earned a masters by age 21. His first job lasted one year at a one room school in Greenville--principal and janitor.


Hot Jobs - The Top 10 Micro-Cities of the Future in North America

Furman University Japanese Garden, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina. (All photos on this page public domain, unless otherwise credited.)


Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC - another fun trip with Leslie - back in 2009; side trip while looking at Furman University. . .


Couldn’t Eat Just One: Potato Chip Magnate Herman Lay

On June 3, 1909, snack food tycoon Herman Lay was born in Charlotte. An entrepreneur for a young age, Lay first sold Pepsis to spectators at the city baseball park across the street from his Greenville, South Carolina, home at age 11. is first foray into the world of potato chips came in the early 1930s, when he interviewed for a job at Barrett Potato Chip Company in Atlanta, distributor of Gardner’s Potato Chips. At the time he decided not take the job because he doubted that there was a…