The 50 Most Innovative Buildings Of The Last Decade [Futuristic Architecture:]

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Futurologist Dr Pearson believes that by 2045, supertall buildings (illustrated) will have artificial intelligence 'personalities' and will be able to 'talk' to people. Homes and offices will collect and process data from various sensors to flag up when repairs are needed or when the heating needs to be turned on [Futuristic Architecture:]

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The Romanticism Shop in Hangzhou, China by SAKO Architects, futuristic interior design, future building, futuristic building

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MASS STUDIES: Interlocking gears building No wonder then that South Korea has an appetite for futuristic architectural schemes. A current show in Ansan, just south of Seoul, displays four pie-in-the-sky schemes for reinventing the city, designed by four buzzed-about architecture firms: BIG in Copenhagen, INABA in L.A., MAD in Beijing, and Mass Studies in Seoul.

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Fort! I want to make a fort, I haven't done this since 8th grade when I almost broke my ankle...

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Artist Builds His Home From Recycled Shipping Containers

Artist Builds His Home From Recycled Shipping Containers

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