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Gabriel Weston

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In 'Dirty Work,' A Doctor Turns To Fiction To Talk About Abortion

Gabriel Weston is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. She says writing Dirty Work -- about an obstetrician-gynecologist -- made her more sensitive to all sides of the debate.


Gabriel Weston: the surgeon novelist tackling abortion

Speaking at Medicine Unboxed: Frontiers - Gabriel Weston. GABRIEL WESTON is a surgeon and author of the memoir Direct Red, winner of the 2010 PEN/Ackerley Prize and longlisted for The Guardian First Book Award 2009. Her second book Dirty Work, a novel about a female doctor who performs abortions, was published in June 2011.

from the Guardian

Dirty Work by Gabriel Weston – review

The second book we almost finished as well is Dirty Work by Gabriel Weston. A story of a female surgeon, Nancy, who is suspended from work after she freezes in the operating room. Nancy performs abortions. It's a short book but very powerful and offers the other side of the story from the doctor's point of view.

Direct Red: A Surgeon's View of Her Life-or-Death Profession by Gabriel Weston


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