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Carta de Despedida ... Gabriel García Márquez ... . . . esto es solo un extracto del poema, búscalo por Google y disfrútalo todo !


THE FRIENDLY DEATH. On the daily death and how to use her as a helper, by Gabriela Garcia Lopez. "Death is a daily experience but we may be unaware of that. We die and come back to our daily life again and again until we stop breathing and a whole new experience begins. There is no need to feel afraid of our death because she helps give meaning to life. No need to fight death because every moment we breathe is an opportunity to be better, to improve our lives." #GabrielaGarciaLopez #l

"Dong, where is my automobile...?" 16 Candles -- "dong, grandpa is talking to you!" hahahahhah that guy is so creepy.(; "married!" "married?" "yes married! sheesh" hahahha;)♥