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Gail Porter With Hair

Re-Pin: Perhaps, she's an option for (in my head canon), the second of Scotty's gay sisters' wife or girlf). My idea is that the two gay sisters (!) of Scotty would be Kelly MacDonald & Kirsten Vangsness) - So, C.H would be Kirsten's wife or girlf!


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Gail Porter: Mum said I lost my hair because I played with the 'dark side'

GAIL PORTER made a shocking revelation during an appearance on today's Loose Women, claiming that her late mother blamed her tragic hair loss on the star's 'dark side'.

Gail Porter gives advice about coping with hair loss. After Losing All Her Hair to Alopecia Areata in 2004, Gail Porter's Eyebrows and Eyelashes Have Regrown as Have Patches of Her Scalp Hair.