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Galavant Definition

When you elaborate, you STOP THE ACTION and observe. Use your five senses. Write a 3-5 sentence elaborative segment of this setting. Tell what you saw, heard, felt and smelled. Do NOT write a grocery list. Use interesting words and make it entertaining!


"Will My Day Ever Come?" - Galavant. I LOVE Timothy Omundson's voice. He can definitely sing! <3 <3 <3


OOOOHHHH!!! I'm so glad they're finally bringing in Aladdin!! And the casting is so good, too!! Then there's what Jafar was saying about Saviours.....what the crap are Adam and Eddie going to do to Emma!?! Oh gosh, I srsly want season 6 now!!! Even more than before!!


"Secret Mission" - Galavant Finale. THIS IS PRETTY MUCH MY FAVORITE THING EVER. I have not stopped singing it since the finale!!!