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What appears as a bird's head, leaning over to snatch up a tasty meal, is a striking example of a galaxy collision in NGC 6745. A large spiral galaxy, with its nucleus still intact, peers at the smaller passing galaxy (nearly out of the field of view at lower right), while a bright blue beak and bright whitish-blue top feathers show the distinct path taken during the smaller galaxy's journey.

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This massive repository of space porn will devour your afternoon

NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory is famous for retrieving some truly remarkable images of the Universe. Now, the observatory has launched an interactive, all-sky visualization that puts 14 years' worth of imagery of the cosmos right at your fingertips.


A Galaxy Collision in NGC 6745 (Sept 30 2012) Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration Acknowledgment: Roger Lynds (KPNO/NOAO) et al. Explanation: Galaxies don't normally look like this. NGC 6745 actually shows the results of two galaxies that have been colliding for only hundreds of millions of years. Just off the above digitally sharpened photograph to the lower right is the smaller galaxy, moving away. #astronomy #space


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NASA confirms Milky Way Galaxy on collision course with Andromeda Galaxy

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Ancient Galaxy Collision Created Enormous Stellar Swirls

New simulations suggest that the enormous swirls of stars surrounding a distant galaxy formed when two equal-sized galaxies collided.

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Stephan's Quintet-A Galaxy Collision in Action

Stephan's Quintet--A Galaxy Collision in Action Stephan's Quintet, a compact group of galaxies discovered about 130 years ago and located about 280 million light years from Earth, provides a rare opportunity to observe a galaxy group in the process of evolving from an X-ray faint system dominated by spiral galaxies to a more developed system dominated by elliptical galaxies and bright X-ray emission.


Penguin-Shaped Galaxy Collision Spotted By Hubble | Video - Published on 20 Jun 2013 Two massive galaxies in the process of a violent merger were snapped by the Hubble space telescope in a formation that looks uncannily like a penguin guarding its egg. Category