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Galaxy Painting

Galaxy Painting Tutorial...doing this with my design and wine travesty

Galaxy Painting: How-To I have always loved these. One day I will do one for myself! :D

  • nina

    I paint clothing with a paintbrush. I do paint galaxy shirts.

I got a lot of questions on how I did the David Tennant galaxy painting, so I made you guys a tutorial! 1. 2. If you’re doing a portrait I suggest drawing your outline in pencil first so you know...

DIY galaxy print! Click to watch a tutorial on how to paint this.

Our easy step-by-step DIY tutorial shows you how to make your own trendy galaxy print tee shirt using fabric paint and glitter, featuring clear photos and descr

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows "Always" Galaxy Painting | $20.00 | Anchors Away Studio |

Gloriously Chic: DIY Galaxy - The best galaxy painting tutorial!

Use household objects and fun techniques, make Spray Paint Art in 5 Minutes! Perfect gift for a boy, or a fabulous girl!

When The Lights Go Out, My Glowing Murals Turn These Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds | Bored Panda

  • Shay

    I thought that's what kind of paints they were! O__o Thx!!

  • Molly Ringle

    Blacklight-reactive paint and/or glow-in-the-dark paint...and way more artistic skill than I have!

  • Shay

    How do you do this? (?) O.o

  • hafsa syed

    Wowww i wanna do this ... Is there a tutorial

Watch more videos - Subscribe - In this tutorial, I'll show you how to paint a galaxy or nebula...

Prudence and Austere: Welcome to My Galaxy (DIY Galaxy Pants) // great way to refashion a pair of old jeans if you're into outerspace'd clothing

we are all made of stars - Galaxy Girl Print by KristaRaeArt

Hand Painted Wine Glass :) #galaxy #universe #cosmos

Stars - Mountain Pine Trees silhouetted in a night sky with a galaxy of stars - 6" X 9" Original Watercolor Painting Christie Elder Ussher.

DIY galaxy phone case. Nailpolish, sponge and a white paint pen!

You can create a galaxy in just 30 minutes, NO art training required! In this detailed tutorial, all you need is spray paint, paper, and things you can find in your recycle bin, such as lids, cans, newspaper and cardboard! Imagine a loved one getting this as a gift! via

8x10 print of a galaxy and space green space by treetalker, $18.00

▶ Painting a galaxy - watercolor (with and without gloss intensifier) - YouTube

Paint your own galaxy umbrella. Open it up and you'll create a whimsical oasis in the middle of the storm.

I think this would be fun to paint the galaxy with. Easy stars! I'm trying to think of a project to do with Alucard's class.

Materials needed: Paint or dye (eg. food-coloring, pen ink), (fluffy) cotton balls, glitter, a glass jar or bottle. How-to: 1. fill the jar/bottle with water 2. Put the ink or dye into the jar/bottle until you get the color that you want. 3. make layers of cotton balls and glítter. Like this: cotton, glitter, cotton, glitter. 4. shake. MacKenzie Boyles

  • sophia m

    So easy and mine turned out great!

  • Deborah Perdew

    Omg I was just watching a video of a guy making these onu tube how funny!!

  • Jacqueline Gill

    It also works if you add the cotton balls first, and then the glittery water. Love this craft!

  • stella

    This is so amazing! I can't wait to have these all over!

  • Janica Janssen

    You leave it all in the bottle. Don't shake too much, you'll lose the color separation.

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Make this beautiful, sparkly, stretchy slime that looks just like the swirls of a galaxy and keep your preschooler entertained for hours!

Print of watercolor painting Galaxy 8x10 wall print by oxanabasil, $20.00

DIY Room decor: Galaxy diamond painting - YouTube