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Socrative Smackdown - Interesting game approach to teaching argument and debate


Building Strong Boys: The Video Game Debate Does playing video games really pose a problem for boys, or does it actually provide benefits?


A Parent's Guide to Video Games: Condensing The Video Game Debate

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Public Speaking Activity: Minute To Win It Improv Debate

If you are teaching a public speaking unit on debate or argumentation, the Minute to Win It activity is a great way to introduce the unit! This activity gets students in front of the class and plead their case for ONE MINUTE.Oh, and they are completely in the dark to what their topic is until the clock starts counting down.The students get a little friendly competition while you get an easy assessment on their current debate/public speaking style during this fun assignment.


Frederick Douglas said it's easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men. What assets build strong boys and what risk factors put them on a broken path? This post launches a year-long series looking at that question in-depth.


BAFTA Guru Lecture by Charlie Kaufman. Both extremely thought provoking and inspirational. I listened to this on BAFTAs podcast, and got teary eyed when he talks about the value of our own perspectives. The video is only highlights - I highly recommend listening to the whole audio lecture.

from Urban Bliss Life

Involving Kids in Election Night + Free Printable Election Coloring Map

Election Night Coloring Map, courtesy of our friends at UrbanBlissLife! Nice tool for helping kids be a part of election night.


The Video Game Debate: Rachel Kowert, Thorsten Quandt: 9781138831636: Books