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Welcome to EE Gaming Channel and today we are counting down the top five best nest gen game engines. Which one is the best game engine? Tell us in the commen...

from Kotaku

Amazon Releases Its Own Game Engine For Free

Amazon’s releasing their very own game engine. Lumberyard, as they call it, is based on Crytek’s famous CryEngine, and can be used to develop games for both PC and consoles. It’s also free to download, and comes with “no seat fees, subscription fees, or requirements to share revenue.”

from TechCrunch Is A Gaming Engine For 3D Interfaces


Isogenic Engine Javascript & HTML5 game engine library || The Isogenic Game Engine allows you to create games in both 2d and isometric and has built-in isometric depth-sorting, path-finding and even supports Box2d in isometric!

Overview | Dashboard | SWOOOP | PlayCanvas | 3D HTML5 & WebGL Game Engine

from Treehouse Blog

How to Use Image Effects in Unity

Image effects in the Unity game engine can have a big impact on the look of your game. Here's how to achieve the AAA-look using image effects in Unity.