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Game Of Thrones Rpg

The Concept Art Behind Game Of Thrones: Season 4

Karakter Design Studio, Game of Thrones' VFX concept art team, has just released a treasure trove of art from season While locations like Braavos (above) and King's Landing look great, it's the art from North of the Wall that is the most captivating.

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The Art Of Game Of Thrones: Season 5

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Dress Up Games and Doll Makers by Doll Divine - for days when you're bored and want to create princesses!

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This Game of Thrones Pixel Art is Bloody Good (and just plain Bloody)

All good Pixel Art is about capturing great detail in the limited constraints of the format, and that's something Artist Czarek Łuczyński - a.k.a Charlie_pl - has done to perfection in this amazing set of Animated portraits of some of Westeros' finest. Look at all that swaying!

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Hi! Again with GoT sprites, this time i want to do a kind of project imagining the characters in a fighting game with a pixelated style. My plan is to add a new character every week starting with: ...

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