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The Scary Witch Halloween Rhythm Game

Halloween Rhythm Game - Oooooh this sounds like fun. I'd be a little nervous having my kids chase each other, but I bet they'd really enjoy it. This game also seems like it could be easily adaptable to whatever you are currently learning in your music classroom. I'll have to try it!

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Rhythm Train Game - A game that makes clapping rhythms a little more fun. :)

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Uta no Prince-Sama Shining Live (iOS and Android rhythm game coming out in 2017) www.animenewsnetw...

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BUSTED! A fun and easy DIY Music Game! Find the How to HERE! Great ta and ti ti practice

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Demo of a fun game for the music classroom. Instructions for game found at

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Music Centers: Rhythm Race Note Naming Edition Level 3 - Rhythm Game


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Organizing a Make It / Take It Workshop, Inservice or get together for Music Teachers - Get crafty making fun manipulatives for your music classroom! Manipulative ideas for steady beat, rhythm, and melody! Rhythm cubes, beat charts, solfege texting sticks

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Cup rhythm games for music class and piano lessons!

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