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A rare and localized bird, found in southwestern Colorado and a small part of adjacent Utah. Remarkably, this bird was not recognized as a separate species from the Greater Sage-Grouse until the year 2000. The two species are very similar, but this one is smaller, and males have a more strongly banded pattern on the tail feathers.


MONTEZUMA QUAIL (Cyrtonyx montezumae) - found across Mexico and marginally into the southern United States in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in oak savannas, pine-oak woodlands, scrublands and mixed conifer woodlands. They forage on the ground, digging for bulbs or succulent forbs and sedges, and picking seeds, acorns, fruits and some insects. They nest on the ground, in a structure woven with grass placed under cover. There the female lays 6-12 chalky white eggs.


Bucket List: I want to raise quail in my backyard and eat tiny eggs! My neighbors used to have a coop with quail, so I know it can be done.