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Weiss - RWBY

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No one wins the games there are only survivors ❤️ our girl on fire survived and our boy with the bread this is my edit for the the edit contest of @the_hunger_games_images ☺️ Question: what language do you speak? I speak Dutch ❤️ what do you think of my edit? please comment ☺️

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Dogbomber - Undertale Cards, Part 2! Now that people have...

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Daedric Princes by coupleofkooks

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This year marks the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, the gaming series which proved that Final Fantasy and Disney characters could be a surprisingly potent mix. In the nearly 12 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, the series has been stuck in side stories and prequels while we've been eagerly awaiting the inevitable Kingdom Hearts III. We may still have quite a wait for that title, but Square Enix is marking the upcoming Kingdom Hearts anniversary by creating 13 stained glass c...

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If you are waiting for Skyrim 2 you can try this total conversion mod for Skyrim

If you are waiting for Skyrim 2 you can try this total conversion mod for Skyrim

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swimmingtrunks: “ Just a reminder on this N7 day, as we look to the future, that Garrus and Shep are reunited and living out their retirement in relative peace, and no one can tell me otherwise. ”

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TLOZ: Year of the Rooster by EternaLegend on DeviantArt

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Queen Camilla - I like this redesign of her and she should've took over instead of Leo in Conquest.

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I have too much money too worry about not having enough for the important stuff

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