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Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

I've always wanted to do this. Now I just want to rent out a theater and play games with people.


Clue note pad. I loved this game, but as the oldest kid, this was one of many board games my siblings did not want to play with me because they always lost.


There are some adults that still just don't get it and feel the need to play childish games . After all these years they still can't get over the nonsence of the past and have to bring up old bullshit!! Grow the fuck up already and get a fucking life!! You've been preaching that for years now. How about you follow your own advice!!!


I have been so hurt by vicious people so much, even still lately by them.... but i won't let them keep trying to make my life hell... no longer playing their childish evil games. I now have the perfect relationship with a perfect real man who treats me right, and no jealous bitch will get in the way of that. U chose to stay with cheating scum bag who uses u and ur kids, u made ur fifthly bed.... Sleep in it whore! LMFAO