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Gap Junction

Connexin43 Gap Junctions Influences Osteoblast Signalling and Enhances Osteoarthritis Gene Expression @

Signaling in Gap Junction The function of Gap Junctions in cell and tissue biology is of utmost importance as Gap-Junctional Intercellular Communication exists in nearly every mammalian cell types.


passief iontransport door kanaaltjes Gap Junctions are channels between cell membranes that allow ions and small molecules to pass directly from one cell to another. These channels are formed by membrane proteins called connexins. Six connexins in the cell membrane form a channel called a connexon. Connexons from two cells form a gap junction. Gap junctions permit electrical signals to pass directly from one cell to another.

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Hazy Sunshine Slipping Through The Cumberland Gap

The Cumberland Gap is a key passageway to lower and central Appalachia. The natural junction was a site well-known to Native Americans throughout the centuries. Upon physician and explorer Dr. Thomas Walker’s praise, the pass was expanded by a team of loggers led by none other than Daniel Boone.


This photo displays three different types of cell junctions. 1. Desmosomes hold cells together (protein to protein). They can be found in heart, uterus, or skin cells. 2. Gap Junctions form links between all cells, allowing cytosol to connect. They are found in cardiac cells. 3. Tight junctions stop fluid and other stuff from passing between cells. They can be found in the urinary tract.

explore-blog: So clever – the human body visualized as a subway map by designer Sam Loman, a fine addition to these visual metaphors using he London Tube map. Also see these vintage illustrations envisioning the body as a machine. Mind the gap junctions.  Updated version here. (via explore-blog)


Gap Junction Protocols (Hardcover)

Gap Junction Protocols