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    Use open shelving for items impervious to dust, as this will be much less expensive.

    This small storage shed is just the right size to store your bicycles safely or to hide garbage cans. It won't take up a lot of room from your backyard or side yard or spoil the look of your home.

    Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet - Until a few weeks ago, we had a nice stainless steel trash can. Nice…but still a bit of an eyesore being a trashcan and all. Then…

    Great tutorial to create a simple garbage can storage area. Step-by-step photos and detailed instructions. Put this together in one morning....

    Often crafted from wood, these clever concealers add a country-chic accent to a kitchen, and the handheld tilt-out design means your bin is always easily within reach. This blogger repainted a cabinet she found a thrift store, but you can also DIY your own from scratch. Get the tutorial at Create Celebrate Explore »

    The Outdoor Planter Let’s take a walk outside for our last shining example. Options abound here , but we’re particularly fond of this one. This isn’t just a way to hide your garbage can, it’s also an adorable little garden! And really, not much can beat that. With this option available, you might have a hard time settling for just hiding your trash can when you know it could be an awesome decorative planter, too.

    James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant. Brian says: I started may 28th planting 4 tomatoes around a garbage can with holes drilled in the bottom rim and a second row up about 10 inches… buried the can to where the top holes just barely were above the ground… put in tw…

    Wow! I would leave my trash can in the living room! How amazingly cool is this! Make A Plastic Garbage Can Look High End - by VIctoria Larsen Stencils

    The Trones shoe rack purchased at Ikea is very cheap and can be used as a generic container. With this little hack it becomes a smart garbagae bin.

    A collapsible laundry basket becomes a makeshift garbage can at any picnic/camp site. | 37 RV Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Camper

    Are you using your home as a giant garbage can for magazines and catalogs you never use? Learn the KonMari way to clear clutter from your life forever!

    Build a home recycling center It's easy to close the back door and pretend that the jumble of recycling bins and garbage cans outside doesn't exist--but that only works when you're in the house. Building a short lean-to just big enough to hold everything solves the problem, and you can put it together in one weekend.