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from An Oregon Cottage

Homemade Garlic-Mint Garden Insect Spray

Homemade Garlic-Mint Natural Garden Insect Spray - this stuff is amazing! Check out the before and after of bug-eaten basil to see how it works at An Oregon Cottage.

from Premeditated Leftovers

5 Homemade Bug Spray Recipes

5 Homemade Bug Spray Recipes- Don't let bugs destroy your garden! These frugal DIY sprays will eliminate pests for a fraction of the cost of store-bought products.


Natural bug spray for the garden. 1 gallon of water 2 cups of Dawn soap 2 cups of plain listerine type mouthwash 1 tsp cayenne pepper Mix together, put in a spray bottle. 10 Steps to Organic Gardening

from ByzantineFlowers

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies

#ORGANIC BUG SPRAYS FOR EVERYTING - a worthwhile read or to print off and keep on hand for that occasion -# milk for mildew -well I never


Gallon of water, 1 chopped onion add to gal of water. let it sit under the sun for 3days and spray it over your veg plants, n flowers to keep bugs from eating the leaves. I personally used it on the lawn and around the windows n doors to keep the bugs n mosquitoes away and it worked. I read this in magazine from old sturbridge village. Cant recall what year