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Hosta 'Summer Music' - Height 15", Spread 24" -A work of art, each leaf looks hand painted! Broadly ovate, slightly twisted leaves have snow white centers bordered by streaks of gold and chartreuse, and outlined with dark green margins. Best color is achieved with bright morning sun. Pale lavender flowers appear on 20" scapes in midsummer. A sport of H. 'Shade Master' from PerennialResource photo by Walter Gardens, Inc.


Paradise Power Hosta | Pictured is a young version of this Hosta. Mature versions have a height of 20”, a spread of 60” Part-Full Shade. It will become a very striking and distinctive Hosta.


Hosta 'Sleeping Beauty' (Walters Gardens Inc.) Hartvormig blauw blad met een crème gele rand, 'Halcyon' sport en toch anders dan 'First Frost'. Bloemkleur lila. Optimale standplaats halfschaduw/schaduw. Hoogte 35 - 45 cm


Hosta 'Earth Angel' - Height, 30" Spread 40", Part - Full Shade, zone 3-9, medium growth rate. •Hosta of the year 2009. A sport of H. 'Blue Angel'. •Large, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves with wide, creamy-white margins that are creamy yellow in spring •Pale lavender flowers appear on 40 inch scapes in midsummer •Outstanding specimen plant This premium hosta variety is part of a group of the finest hostas available today. Photo - Walters Gardens, Inc.