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Garlic Pills Benefits

GNC odorless pills. They do have a smell. But this is amazing natural antibiotic. And has an amazing anti-fungical power


3-Ingredient Remedy That Cures Clogged Arteries, Regulates Blood Fat, and Treats Infections and Colds


Garlic Pills are one of the best herbal supplements and may help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels already within the normal range. Daily use of garlic supplements has been shown to provide considerable additional health benefits. Buddha’s Herbs Garlic 1000 mg is standardized to contain 1500 mcg Allicin per Softgel and thus two Softgels deliver at least 3000 mcg Allicin which is more than the recommended daily dose (2400 mcg).


Magic Turmeric Pills : Turmeric has amazing health benefits. Here’s way to make homemade pills. It’s cheap and easy to make. Ingredients : ½ tsp turmeric powder ¼ tsp honey Mix it properly and make small round pills. Have it with warm water.


Eating raw garlic can help a viral infection very much. You just need a decently strong stomach. It does need to be raw. A cracked clove works well swallowed whole.