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Heating and cooling can cause changes in the properties of materials, but not all materials respond the same way to being heated and cooled. 4D/E1a*

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States of Matter for younger students - could use this format for any 3-way comparison (consumers)

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Amazing video shows the relative sizes of all the planets and stars

Star Size Comparisons Credit & Copyright: morn1415 (YouTube) How big is our Sun compared to other stars? In a dramatic and popular video featured on YouTube, the relative sizes of planets and stars are shown from smallest to largest. The above video starts with Earth's Moon and progresses through increasingly larger planets in our Solar System. Next, the Sun is shown along as compared to many of the brighter stars in our neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy.

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27 places to buy restored vintage stoves

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Energy Comparison of Gas & Electricity | Broadband Deals & Mobile Phones |

Electric cars generate social buzz [Infographic]

As electric cars become increasingly mainstream, they're starting to build up a charge on social media around the world.

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