Skip the Mylicon drops and Gripe water with toxic ingredients and try this safe gas remedy instead with your baby.

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Baby Yoga for Gas and Colic Relief One thing to change: Always massage the belly clockwise (this helps digestion)

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Sometimes, baby’s full of it. Gas, that is. Skip the drops and use the Windi to instantly free stubborn gas stuck in baby’s pipes. It’s completely safe, doctor-invented and the only natural solution for gas relief. What’s inside? 10 one-time-use tubes

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When you need to solve your babies gas pain. Finding a home remedy for you babies tummy pain can be so hard! Learn what I did with this one simple remedy that eased up my babies gas. Made the pain disappear!

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Homemade Gripe Water Recipe:Their are three primary ingredients in gripe water: chamomile, fennel, and ginger. Fennel has been used by herbalists and homeopaths for centuries to help with indigestion and as a gas-reliever. It also has some pain relieving properties. Ginger is a great herb for any problems in thr gastrointestinal tract, including nausea and gas. The third ingredient I use, chamomile, is great at reducing restlessness and insomnia and helps with irritability and anxiousness.

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A safe, good tasting gas remedy that works effectively as an alternative to gas remedies like Mylicon and Gripe Water loaded with toxic ingredients.

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