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Do extra sharpening in photoshop The best thing is to shoot in RAW. Upload to Lightroom or Photoshop RAW converter and adjust clarity and sharpening. To make your focus stands out even more, only sharpen the focus point and let the rest of the image untouched. That way the area in focus will pop out even more.


Steps: 1. Cropped ever so slightly 2. Apply Gaussian Blur to background. 3. Ran Florabella's Ambrosia action then reduced opacity to 50% and turned off the "light" layers. 4. Ran Florabella's Sweet Sunshine and reduced to 20% 5. Ran Florabella's Highlight Protection. 6. Slight levels adjustment to boost contrast. 7. Slight Hue/Saturation adjustment to lighten Reds. 8. Sharpen. Voila!

from Digital Photography for Moms

18. Photo Editing: The Best Way to Sharpen in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Adjust Sharpness vs. High Pass by Erin @


Robust Learning Control Based on Gaussian Process Regression This video demonstrates a new approach to improving controllers based on data obtained during operation. The approach combines robust control theory and machine learning and guarantees safe online learning.More details in our recent ECC paper: Work by Feli @tachyeonz

Gaussian Processes for Dummies It always amazes me how I can hear a statement uttered in the space of a few seconds about some aspect of machine learning that then takes me countless hours to understand. @tachyeonz

I was reading this interesting report written by two very smart fellows – Carl Benedict Frey and Michael Osborne from the Oxford Martin University, it was titled "future of employment". They used a Gaussian process classifier on some 702 job functions across the world: Their verdict? Most of these jobs were all way too dangerously close to being threatened and some were certain of being extinct!Danger, Will Robinson!They concluded how technological innovation and computerization will not ...

How to blur the background with photoshop


FILTERBLURCamera© This program is a camera app that runs the 'Gaussian Blur' filter on the pictures in real time. Select a folder to store your images and when you take a picture the program will process the image with the image effect. The effect is from 'Implementation of Gaussian Blur' ©2001 Jimmy Chion.

Human Motion Modelling through Dimensional Reduction with Gaussian Processes.