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How Should Pointe Shoes Fit?

Many Different kinds of pointe shoes, and its amazing how they can make each a perfect fit for any foot


I love how this shows what we truly do to our feet during pointe. The outside is beautiful, but not the inside.

from The Pointe Shop

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Professional Pointe Shoe Fitting

You should get professionally fitted for every pair for your first few years en pointe. (You can find what to do before a pointe shoe fitting in this article) T


I EARNED THESE SHOES. THEY ARE MINE, and I am the only one who can make them dance. I work through blisters & I thirst for bodyaches because that means that I gave it everything I had that day. I live & breathe on stage & I will never give up. I WORK FOR MY SHOES, in return, they transform me into a vision of grace. gaynor minden EMILY KATHRYN TAIGEN