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Star Wars: Who would your mom be in a galaxy far, far away? Carrie Fisher: Natalie Portman

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WhO GAvE YoU tHe RiGht

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Cassian Andor. Jyn Erso. RebelCaptain. Jassian. Rogue One. Star Wars

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It was funny when Anakin and Obi Wan met because it was like "Hey I'm Anakin I'll cut off your legs and leave you burning I hope we can be friends"

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The smile is so amazing :) and it makes me smile as well!

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Tony Stark is magically upgrades phones

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Rogue One, Star Wars, Cassian Andor

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SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ S4 E1: The Six Thatchers. Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman.

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cassian-andor | Tumblr

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Star wars rebels | Tumblr

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