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‘Pokemon The Movie: Volcanion And The Tricky Magearna’: New Trailer Confirms Legendary Gen 6 Pokemon [Watch] - Pokemon Moon Emerald Name: Pokemon Moon Emerald Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red Remake by: Lukagba Description: The story is the same as Pokémon Emerald several Pokémon from 7th Gen and Alola Forms were added. The purpose of the hack is to make a Sideshow Showcase based on Emerald which has all Alola Pokémon captures. Characteristics: -Initials are: Litten Rowlet Popplio. - Around 60 pokémon of seventh generation (Status blows…

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Pokemon GO Gen 2 evolutions and candy tips detailed New Pokemon are on the way with the second wave of Pokemon GO, the first big update to the game since the beginning.