What Is Your Gender Identity? Take the #personality #quiz and find out. My result was "trans feminine"

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD baby shower game, ready to pop quiz, vintage, burlap, gender neutral

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Old Wives Tales Quiz @Elizabeth Switzer Don't cheat!
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Old wives tales gender quiz. Did this just for fun. I got 4 points for a boy and 6 points for a girl. (I realize this is not scientific)

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Answers: 1. A boy. 2. A girl. 3. A girl. 4. A girl. 5. A boy. 6. A boy. 7. A boy, because a girl steals her mother's beauty. 8. A boy. 9. A girl. 10. A boy. 11. A girl. 12. A boy. 13. A boy. 14. A girl. 15. A boy.

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