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Genealogy Research

17 Free Genealogy Research Trackers from

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We often experience frustration when our genealogy research stalls at the 1890 census. We must use other "out of the box" strategies to successfully find our ancestors in 1890.

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You have heard it before - Not all (actually, MOST) genealogy records are not online. Unfortunately, those records seem to be where I am not. Traveling to multiple repositories is time consuming and expensive. So, how do we as genealogists access those much needed records?

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What war could your ancestor have served in? Use this hand chart as a rule of thumb to focus your family history research. #genealogy

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1890 Census: Research Researching Around the Genealogy Black Hole

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Back to Genealogy Basics - Wills and Estate Records

Wills and estate records are a rich source of information for the genealogist. Wives, children and other family members can be found among the records. A glimpse inside the lifestyle of your ancestor is found among the records. Did your ancestor's family members get along? Did your ancestor have any wealth? The potential to find all of this and more is there.

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Simple Tips for Getting Around Your Brick Wall

Simple Tips for Getting Around Your Brick Wall| Researching your family tree can be an extremely rewarding experience. It helps you discover relatives and ancestors whom you may have been unaware of. On the other hand, genealogy research can also be very frustrating at times, when you cannot find the information you are seeking. Here are some tips that might help you get around your brick wall. #genealogy #familytree #research #brickwall #tips #ancestors

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No, You DON'T Need a Paid Subscription to Do Genealogy Research

Explore the Past With These 3 Free Newspaper Archives

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17 Free Genealogy Research Trackers from

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