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This wood burning stove is small, simple and is stacking functions because it is also serving as a water heater.It serves the Teach Nollaig tiny home and we think it is beautiful and amazingly functional. What do you think? via Facebook


Life Skills Problem Solving: Vocational

$ This life skills pack for middle/high school students features 24 task cards and 2 worksheets (generating alternate solutions/multiple choice) to target functional worksite problem solving skills.


Antiderivative means opposite of derivate or we can say that when we want to generate original form of derivative, we perform antiderivation or integration. Here is the antiderivatives list:- 1. Antiderivative of Rational function: a) Antiderivative of constant k is ∫ k dx = kx + c


Agro E.Sustentable Wind Generator Features Brilliant Functionality with Ease of Operating | Posted by tuvie | March 3, 2010


In mathematics, the Lebesgue differentiation theorem is a theorem of real analysis, which states that for almost every point, the value of an integrable function is the limit of infinitesimal averages taken about the point. The theorem is named for Henri Lebesgue. The theorem has spiritual properties as well. This portion of the proof for the theorem may be used as a quickener for generating a beam of consciousness. You are a mathematical hologram.

Utilising a grid relating to function and budget, various overlays are applied, shifting the grid and guiding spatial configuration. Overlays include the clients’ wish for the kitchen to be the heart of the home, outdoor spaces with varied levels of shelter and linkages to the surrounding landscape, generating a complex interlinked series of volumes. The building is conceived as a dark …