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What is genetic variation?

What is genetic variation? via @yourgenome


Sept 8, 2016 - Huge data-sharing venture lays bare human genetic variation - "A landmark collection of DNA sequences includes the code for every gene in the genomes of more than 60,000 people1. An analysis of this dataset was published 18 August in Nature, but scientists have been using the database since its release nearly 2 years ago. The collection, called the Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC) browser, provides an unprecedented picture of genetic variation across the general…


New Hope for Tasmanian Devils in Fight Against Contagious Cancer

Scientists believe that genetic variation in some animals that may make them…

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Genotypes Phenotypes Genetic Diversity Punnett Squares

Fun Genetics Project that teaches students all about genotypes, phenotypes, punnet squares, and genetic variation! Great project! Kids didn't even know they were learning!

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Out of sync: How genetic variation can disrupt the heart's rhythm

Out of sync: How genetic variation can disrupt the heart's rhythm…

A jaguar can't change its spots... But this jaguar has a genetic variation called melanism, which gives it this black colouring. Can you see the faint rosettes on its back?

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10 Unusual Genetic Mutations in Humans

Progeria This genetic disorder is as rare as it is severe. The classic form of the disease, called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria, causes accelerated aging.

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Monday Happiness

Theories vs Laws


Clipbirds activity from Berkeley bolsters student understanding of natural selection. Students use different size binder clips to represent the different size beaks of Darwin's finches.


RNA-Seq study identifies genetic variation in cellular stress - A new Cornell study examines how genetic differences among individuals impact cellular stress, a first step in understanding how this stress response relates to human diseases, such as diabetes. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a part of the cell involved in producing proteins, folding them for proper ...