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Geoffrey Hughes, DL (2 February 1944 - 27 July 2012). My favorite character of his was "Onslow" from the BBC Sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances".

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"Keeping Up Appearances" - Rose & Onslow portrayed by Mary Millar and Geoffrey Hughes. RIP - both actors.

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Keeping Up Appearances -- Hyacinth and her candlelight suppers. :) Patricia Rutledge, Clive Swift (Richard Bucket), Judy Cornwell (Daisy), Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow), Mary Millar (Rose), Anne Dawson (Violet), Joesphine Tewson (Elizabeth) and David Griffin (Emmett). (1990-1995)

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Tribute picture gallery to actor Geoffrey Hughes who played Eddie Yeats | Coronation Street - ITV Soaps

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Keeping Up Appearances (1990-1995): See You in The Fall Blogathon

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Standing from left to right, Jeremy Gittins, David Griffin, Judy Cornwell, Geoffrey Hughes, and Mary Millar. Seated from left to right, Clive Swift, Patricia Routledge and Josephine Tewson.

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Front row: Clive Swift (as Richard Bucket), Patricia Routledge (as Hyacinth Bucket) Back Row: Geoffrey Hughes (as Onslow), Judy Cornwell (as Daisy) and Mary Millar (as Rose)

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