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Geometric algebra

Arithmetic, Geometric, or Neither? (Math = Love)

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Using Algebra to Find the Sums of Sequences Algebra can help you add a series of numbers (the sum of sequences) more quickly than you would be able to with straight addition. Adding integers, squares, cubes, and terms in an arithmetic or geometric sequence is simple with these algebraic formulas:

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Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

Such a fun activity for my Algebra students to practice Arithmetic Sequences & Geometric Sequences!

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Good for Algebra I going into the CCSS since we are inheriting sequences and series.

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Hand Draw Chemistry Background

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Algebra 2 Equations | slicing a cone with a plane use these equations to graph algebraic ...

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Great transformations to be done with graph paper - foldables coordinate plane reflections over the x-axis and y-axis

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