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German listening

Likewise N-ietszch-e in German means 5 redundant letters. We say N-iç-e in Turkish with the same pronunciation. Almost all letters in our alphabet with minor exceptions have the same pronunciation regardless of its position in a word which allows standard and fixed pronunciation by all speakers and not use of unnecessary characters tire out both speaker and listener.

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Poster (A3) - Les Boissons

Getränke für Deutsch 2 listen voc. food.

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Slow German by Annik Rubens. A useful tool for improving your listening skill! On this site you can download the Podcasts (audio) and the pdf-transciptions about Germany and his culture.

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Basic German For Kids

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Old Main Bridge ~ Wurzburg, Bavaria, German repin & like. listen to Noelito Flow songs. Noel. Thanks

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Acoustic listening devices WWI German...dispositifs d'écoute acoustiques WWI allemand ...

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