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Zwetschgenkuchen (German Plum Cake)

The classic German plum cake topped with streusel on a bed of fluffy yeast dough, Zwetschgenkuchen is German baking at its best!


Plum Kuchen

Almost any slightly firm plum will work in this lovely cake. In fact, we prefer a mix of black, red, and yellow fruit for contrasting flavor and color.


This German prune cake or “Zwetschegendatschi” is a wonderful cake when the prunes are ripe. In Germany the prunes are called “Zwetschgen” My mum made pans of this in the summer, when our trees were ripe with plums. =]


German Pflaumenkuchen (Prune Cake)

I associate certain foods with specific times of year and prune kuchen means Fall is here .  Italian prune plums usually show up in the farmer’s market in mid-September and I always buy a big bag of them for several of my favorite recipes.  For years I made the same recipe, Prune Kuchen with Cream and [Read More]