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German submarine U-995 was a German Type VIIC/41 U-boat of the Kriegsmarine. She was laid down on 25 November 1942 by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, Germany, and commissioned on 16 September 1943 with Oberleutnant Walter Köhntopp in command.

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U-boats were German submarines that caused havoc in World War Two during the Battle of the Atlantic. U-boats were so damaging that Winston Churchill commented that it was the only time in World War Two that he thought Britain would have to contemplate surrendering.

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German submarine U-379 was a Type VIIC U-boat built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine for service during World War II.she served under Kapitänleutnant Paul-Hugo Kettner. In 1 patrol she sank 2 merchant ships, for a total of 8,904 gross register tons . U-379 was spotted on the surface together with U-176 HMS Dianthus making a thorough ASDIC sweep for 9 hours but found nothing but finaly spotted U-379 again on the surface in the dark U-379 finally sank after being rammed four times.

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U-Boat 110, a German Submarine that was sunk and risen in 1918. This photograph shows the control room in the Submarine, including the manhole to the periscope well, hand wheels for pressure gear, valve wheels for flooding and blowing and the air pressure gauges.

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Crew of German Submarine, 1939 - HU028806 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

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The inside of a WWI submarine was creepy and claustrophobic

The inside of a WWI submarine was creepy and claustrophobic Control room looking aft, starboard side. The manhole to the periscope well and various valve wheels for flooding and blowing are visible.

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U-552 Erich Topp U-Boat Cap Red Devil Reproduction German U-Boat Submarine Captains Peaked cap with 70+ years of ageing and numerous oil stains and some worn and tarnished areas as worn by the Captain of U-552 Erich Topp.

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A forty-foot circle hole in the roof of a U-boat pen in Brest which had received a direct hit during the Allied bombardment. The capture of the deep water ports of Brittany did not greatly help the Allies, however, since the Germans had, as in Cherbourg, carried out thorough demolition of the port facilities before surrendering.

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