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Lymph containing lymphocytes, antigen, and soluble mediators drains from surrounding tissues and enters the lymph nodes via afferent lymphatic vessels. The lymph node consists of a cortex and a medulla. The outermost area of the cortex has B cells organized into lymphoid follicles, and its deep, or paracortical, area consists mainly of T cells and dendritic cells. After B cells encounter antigens for which they have receptors, along with the appropriate T cells, central areas of marked B…


Ovulation. The egg (pink at centre) has ruptured the external surface of the ovary (brown), known as the germinal epithelium, and has started its journey through the Fallopian tube towards the uterus.


A very colorful fluorescent micrograph of a large number of B lymphocytes forming a germinal center. Image by Ann Haberman, Ph.D., associate research scientist. Click for more on Dr. Haberman's research.