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Germs on Hands

Science Fair Project: See how many germs are on your hands with Glo Germ Gel. Could go well with the apple experiment.

For all of you that Don't wash your hands...Please don't touch my food...or me, for that matter...

Teaching kids about how germs spread when you don't properly wash your hands. Good lesson!

GLOWING GERM HANDS - we used a blacklight to illustrate how germs that we can't really "see" on our hands are still there and need to be washed away.

from I Can Teach My Child!

How Are Germs Spread

How are germs spread? This hands-on demonstration is great for teaching young kids how easily germs are spread and how important proper hand hygiene is.

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Why You Need to Use Soap (a Germs Simulation Experiment)

A whole lesson plan which focuses on germs. Great to use as part of a Health theme in preschool.

A video to help young children learn about germs and the benefits of washing their hands before eating. Hopefully it has just enough information to inform young children on the subject of germs without confusing them. As some of you may know I'm working towards building a web series that will have a range of preschool content. This is intended...

from ece3waggy

Our experiment on GERMS

A few weeks ago, ECE3 completed an experiment on germs. We viewed a video clip online about  how easy germs are spread. We discussed the importance of washing our hands after visiting the toilet an...